Easy Italian Pasta Bake recipe

My favorite pasta recipe.you do have to cook the pasta even though they don't say that. also, penne is good, and i like angel hair spaghetti for it.

Cheesy Salsa-Mini Meatloaves recipe

Cheesy Salsa-Mini Meatloaves – Meatloaf, meet tacos—we think you two will get along great. Classic ground beef recipes combine with tomato salsa and melty cheese in an adorable mini size your kids will really enjoy!

Quick-Fix Beef Burrito Skillet recipe

Quick-Fix Beef Burrito Skillet recipe - 30 min meal - replace kidney beans with black beans, add onions to ground beef, use tortilla chips rather than tortillas.

Cheesy Beef Enchiladas recipe

Find delicious enchilada recipes, from classics rolled with beef, chicken and cheese to easy, layered bakes. We've got enchilada recipes for any night!

Easy Party Meatballs recipe

Make great meatballs with no fuss with our Easy Meatballs Recipe. Our Easy Meatballs Recipe is great when served with pasta but can easily stand alone!

Taco Salad Made Over

Taco Salad Made Over.lean beef, reduced fat cheese, I use black beans and Carb Balance tortillias.

Updated Shepherd's Pie recipe

Updated Shepherd's Pie Recipe - Kraft Recipes This great-tasting low-calorie version of a traditional shepherd's pie is made with better-for-you ingredients.