2023 Parrot-themed Products on Sale!

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A gorgeously detailed hand-tooled, hand-painted leather bag featuring on the front an Umbrella cockatoo perched among yellow & white flowers. Hand-carved into the side panels are two of this cockatoo's feathers. Bags, Adoption, Style, Tot, Parrot, Handmade, Hand Painted, Umbrella, Parrot Perch
U2 Leather Bag Looking for Forever Home!
Meet our Umbrella Cockatoo Handtooled, Handpainted Tote Bag - the only bird that won't leave feathers or poop on your couch! This leather beauty is ready to fly (well, not literally) to its forever home. It's chic, spacious, and has mastered the art of 'holding your stuff' without squawking. Adopt this stylish parrot today and give it a place in your flock. And, please save this Pin so it will find a home!
A variety of printed products featuring parrots are now on clearance sale! Parrot Addict is no longer ordering third-party mass-produced products. Instead, we are concentrating on our own handpainted batik designs & unique handmade items by talented artisans. Don't miss out! Shirts, Clothes, Leggings, Trousers, Capri, Shorts, Tops, Tank Tops, Capri Pants
Final Sale on Parrot Addict Printed Products!
Leggings, t-shirts, capri pants, skirts, tank-tops, shorts, and more! All at clearance prices!