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A handpainted batik black shoulder bag. A bouquet of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers are batiked over the outline of the state of Texas. The bag is lightly quilted, giving a textured feel and look to the purse. Valentine's Day, Texas Bluebonnets, Texas, Bags, Quilted, Bag, Inside Pocket, Pocket, Blue Bonnets
Bluebonnet & Indian Paintbrush Batik Bag
Show off your love for Texas with this handpainted batik shoulder bag! Drawn, batiked, & painted by talented artisans, this bag is not only gorgeous but also practical! The top zipper helps keep unwanted hands out, and the inside zippered pocket is great for your keys, wallet, phone, & more! A great gift for Valentine's, a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day or as a "Thank you"!
A handpainted batik shoulder bag with a black background. The Texas border boundary has been batiked onto the front of the bag. A gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses (and their greenery) has been drawn, batiked, and painted by hand, overlaying the border. The slight quilting and accent sewing highlight the design and adds dimension to the design. Yellow Roses, Handcraft, Hand Painted
Yellow Rose of Texas Shoulder Bag
A memorable & thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for your mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, or special person in your life! The design has been drawn, batiked, & handpainted by very talented artisans. The top zipper and inside pocket make this bag more practical than a tote bag - and certainly more gorgeous! And, why give fresh flowers that fade and die within days when you could be fondly remembered for years for your thoughtfulness? Also available without the Texas border.
The green and blue feathers of the male Eclectus parrot make a stunning design for this shoulder bag that has been drawn, batiked, and painted by hand! Gifts, Feather, Parrot Feather, Anniversary Present, Memorable Gifts, Shoulder Bag
Eclectus Feathers Handpainted Batik Bag
This shoulder bag is a great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present for the Eclectus parrot lover! Batiked on both sides! The top zipper keeps unwanted beaks & hands out, and the inside zippered pocket is great for your wallet, keys, & phone!
A handpainted batik t-shirt featuring 4 macaw species, perching among tropical foliage.  Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Military & more! Only 2 shirts left in stock. Only at Tops, Clothes, Design, Shirts, T Shirt, Cool Shirts, Shirt, Batik Clothing, Batik Design
Stunning Handpainted Batik Macaws T-shirt!
The colors are vibrant! Design on front & back! Excellent quality material means your shirt will look new for many years! A great gift for the parrot or nature lover! Only 2 left in stock - don't miss out! You'll enjoy this shirt for many years without it stretching, sagging, or fading!
Handpainted batik green and blue feathers adorn both sides of this practical shoulder bag. These tote-style bags will be arriving soon so there a very few days to take advantage of the pre-order discount. Nature, Hands, Zipper, Beautiful, Phone, Shoulder, Top
Parrot Feathers Hand-painted Batik Shoulder Bag
A beautiful & practical bag for the bird or nature lover made by very talented artisans! Batiked on both sides! The top zipper keeps unwanted hands (or beaks) out and the large inside zippered pocket is great for your wallet, keys, & phone! A great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season. It will be cherished for years!
This handpainted batik features a stunning Amazon parrot in flight, with a background of tropical foliage. The detailing on the bird is exquisite and the colors are bright and eye-catching. Truly a unique item that will be loved for many years. Dressing, Gowns, Jackets, Bathing Suit Cover Up, Duster, How To Wear, Gowns Dresses
Amazon Parrot Wearable Art Handpainted Batik Jacket
Wrap yourself in luxurious beauty! Or gift it to a bird or nature lover and watch their eyes light up! Wear this stunning item at home, when out & about, or elevate your fashion style at a special event. It's so versatile! A jacket, dressing gown, housecoat, kimono, & duster are just a few ways you can enjoy this breathtaking wardrobe accessory! Due to the handmade nature of this garment, stock is limited. Don't miss out!
Four horses with luxurious manes & forelocks adorn this unique handpainted batik jacket / kimono / cover-up / duster. The artisan's craftmanship can be seen in the horses' eyes. They have been subtly detailed behind the lush forelocks. A memorable gift for any equine lover or enthusiast! Horses, Cover Up, Horse Lover, Equine Lover, Light Jacket, Intricate
Handpainted batik jacket/cover-up for the horse lover!
Indulge in timeless elegance with our Horse Hand-Painted Batik Kimono. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, this exquisite piece seamlessly blends batik artistry with the magic of horses. Each one is a unique work of art, capturing this animal’s grace & beauty in an intricate hand-painted design. Its luxurious drape & high-quality materials make it suitable for any occasion. Whether you're an equestrian enthusiast or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, this wearable art is a masterpiece!
Close-up view of the yellow rose bouquet skillfully batiked and painted by hand that adorns our shoulder tote-style bag. Rose, Piecings, Rose Bouquet, Yellow Rose Bouquet
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Brighten up your day with our sunny yellow rose bouquet skillfully batiked and hand-painted by skilled artisans! Enhance your day or evening wear! Besides being gorgeous, this bag is practical! The top zipper keeps out unwanted hands and the inside zippered pocket means no more rummaging around for your keys, phone, or wallet! A thoughtful gift! Why give fresh roses when this piece of carryable art will bring pleasure and memories for years to come! Don't miss out on the pre-order sale!
A black quilted shoulder bag is adorned with a bouquet of stemmed pinky-red roses artfully drawn, batiked, and painted by hand. A very special gift, for you or someone that holds a special place in your heart. Lovely Lavender
Beautiful Batik Rose Bouquet Shoulder Bag
Give the gift of timeless elegance with our handpainted batik shoulder bag adorned with a captivating bouquet of roses. Each bud and leaf has been carefully batiked and painted by hand. The inside of the bag has the same careful attention to detail. The top zipper keeps your contents secure and the zippered inside pocket makes it easy to find your keys, phone, or wallet. This tote-style bag is perfect for the special person in your life! BTW - 20% pre-order discount on now!