Gifts for the Parrot Lover!

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Two pairs of cockatoo-themed socks - one with a bright blue background and the other with a paler, khaki green. Very soft, stretchy, & cute! Cockatoo, Warm Socks, Cute, Stretchy, How To Wear, Apparel, Pairs
Cockatoo Socks! In 2 background colors!
Hide your toes from your cockatoos! And have fun wearing these playful and warm socks!
Bird / parrot perched inside a hoop for each drop earring. The stones can be separated and worn on their own or use a drop earring as a pendant. Great gift for the parrot lover in your life. Stud Earrings, Earrings, Jewellery, Drop Earrings, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Bird Earrings, Pendants, Pendant
Versatile Gold & SS Bird Earrings!
Gorgeous & Elegant! A timeless gift for the avian lover! Can be worn as drop earrings, studs, or even as a pendant. Hand-made and presented in a lovely gift box.
A woman wearing a sarong tied as a jacket, featuring a stunning handpainted batik African grey parrot! Red background, black border, gorgeous detailing! Jackets, Sarongs, Sarong, African, Dress Skirt, Dress, Jacket Dress
African Grey Parrot Batik Sarong / Jacket / Dress / Skirt / Home Decor
Sarongs are so versatile! This handpainted beauty will thrill the African grey lover in your life! Painted by hand in two stages, the feather details will blow you away! Don't miss out on this unique gift!
Five photos of five parrot species batiked and painted by hand onto tote-style bags. Useful, practical, and gorgeous! Tie Dye, Fabric, Practical Bag, Gorgeous Bags, Hand Painted
Parrot-themed Handpainted Batik Bags!
Why settle for mass-manufactured bags when you can carry gorgeous bags individually batiked and painted by hand? The top zipper and inside zippered pocket make these bags practical and versatile! African Grey, caique, rainbow lory, & sun conure tote-style bags in stock. Many other parrot designs are under development. A great gift idea!
Handpainted batik tote-style bag featuring a flying African Grey parrot holding a leafy branch with his toes, set against a blue background. Design, Batik Design
African Grey Handpainted Batik Bag
You'll love it! The top zipper & large inside zippered pocket make this bag more practical than most totes! And, it features the world's most popular parrot companion! Indulge yourself or give the African Grey lover in your life a special gift!
A series of photos showing the front, back, top, and inside of the handpainted batik tote-style bag featuring your choice of black-headed or white-bellied caique. Printed Bags, White Bag, Reusable Bags
Stunning bags for Caique Parrot Lovers!
Beautiful handpainted batik tote-style bags! Why settle for printed bags when you can carry original art? Don't lose your valuables! With top zipper and large inside zippered pocket!
Two handpainted batik tote-style bags. One features a Black-headed caique and the other a White-bellied caique - perched among lush foliage. Handmade, Caique Parrot, Garden Tote, Cheery
Black-headed and White-bellied Caique Batik Bags
You'll adore these handpainted batik caique parrot bags! The colors are bright and cheery - just like your bird - and the top zipper and inside zippered pocket make them very practical! A 2-sided version with a species on each side is also available. Since these are handmade, limited stock is available, so don't miss out!