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Love parrots or know someone who does? Parrot Addict creates unique, handmade gift items such as shoulder bags, jackets, sarongs, kimonos, and more - all…
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Save $50 on our hand-tooled, handpainted leather cockatiel clutch. The front flap features a beautifully detailed cockatiel, bordered by two rows of leather trim. Black leather background. Leather, Hand Painted Leather, Crossbody, Purse Wallet, Strap, Wrist Strap, Leather Clutch, Handmade Gift Item, Leather Women
Hand-tooled, Handpainted Leather Cockatiel Clutch
A memorable and forever gift for the cockatiel lover! Beautifully hand-crafted by talented artisans. A great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary present! Use it as a wallet, purse, or organizer! Includes mirror, pen holder, zippered and slot pockets, see-thru card holders & more! Don't miss out on this great sale!
A Blue and Gold macaw is flying alongside a tropical beach. You can see the waves, palm trees, and beach in the background. A beautiful and memorable gift for that special occasion! Purses, Hand Painted Leather Bag, Painted Leather Bag, Handcrafted Leather, Leather Bag, Leather Purses, Handbag
Blue & Gold Macaw handcrafted leather bag!
You'll be mesmerized by this gorgeous and unique handtooled, handpainted leather purse! The detailing of this parrot flying along a tropical beach is stunning! Save $50 due to 2 small imperfections on the offside. A great Christmas, anniversary, or birthday gift! Don't miss out on this great buy!
Three photos of the gorgeous Blue & Gold macaw (AKA Blue & Yellow macaw) printed sarong, fringed on the sides. The sarong's background design are the bird's stunning yellow, green and blue feathers. This wearable art is discounted for a limited time! Parrot, Gorgeous, Macaw, Prints, Species, Sale, Blue Gold, Macaw Parrot, Hand Painted
Blue & Gold Macaw Sarong on Sale!
This gorgeous macaw parrot is set against a lush background of its feathers! Pareos are so versatile! Wear as a skirt, top, dress, or jacket! Or you can decorate your house, drape over a table, and so much more! A great Christmas stocking present! Sale is for a limited time only! Don't miss out!
This handpainted batik bag features a flying African Grey parrot carrying a branch with his foot. The background color is sky blue and the slight quilting adds texture and a 3D effect. Design, Bags, Quilted, African Grey Parrot, African Grey, Bag, Grey Shoulder Bag, African, Zipper
African Grey parrot handpainted batik shoulder bag
This whimsical CAG design tote-style bag is perfect for the African Grey lover! Not only is it fun and gorgeous but it's also practical! The top zipper helps keep beaks and unwanted hands out and the inside zippered pocket is great for your phone, keys, and wallet! Only one left in stock and we won't be able to get more in time for the Christmas season. Don't miss out! (We also have several other designs such as a Greenwing macaw, Senegal parrot, Red-bellied, Eclectus feathers & more!)
Back view of the Greenwing macaw handpainted batik jacket. The parrot's design is stylized, with the head placed over the shoulder blade and the feathers sweeping downward and along the right arm. Jackets, Jacket, Bird Species, Awesome
Very special Greenwing Macaw jacket!
Look and feel gorgeous in this meticulously handpainted batik parrot jacket! The colors are vibrant and the design is awesome! Or gift it to the Greenwing lover in your life. Great as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present! Only 3 left in stock. On sale for a limited time. Don't miss out!
The back view of a customer wearing one of Parrot Addict's jackets out in public. This garment showcases the beauty of the African Grey parrot, batiked and painted by hand, with a stylized design of the bird. The jacket's background color is black. Grey, Clothes, Congo African Grey, Compliments
Gorgeous Handpainted Batik Congo African Grey Jacket!
You'll feel so special when you wear this handcrafted batik jacket! Gwen loves wearing hers when she's out and about! She commented, "The material flows, it looks really elegant and stunning!" On the bottom of the front panel, CAG feathers have been also been batiked by hand. A very memorable gift or present for the African Grey lover in your life!
A handpainted batik shoulder bag with varying shades of blue in the background. In the foreground is a Red-bellied parrot perching with one foot on a branch and the other foot is held up slightly. Quilting adds texture and a 3 dimensional effect. Shoulder, Red, Handmade, Timeless Accessories, Unique Gifts
Red-bellied Parrot Handpainted Batik Shoulder Bag
A gorgeously unique gift for the Poicephalus lover that will be cherished for years! Drawn, batiked, & painted by hand! Perfect for both day-to-day use and special occasions! The top zipper helps keep unwanted beaks & hands out, and the inside zippered pocket helps keep you organized! Great as a birthday, anniversary, or Xmas present. Limited quantities because it's handmade. Don't miss out!
This exquisite bag showcases the natural beauty of the Sun Conure. The bird is perched on a branch with leaves and its left wing is stretched open and down, displaying the myriad colorful wing feathers. The sun shines in the top left corner. The background is brown and intricate machine stitching gives the design and tote a quilted effect. Only available at Sun, Reusable Tote Bags, Fabric
Sun Conure Parrot Handpainted Batik Shoulder Bag
You'll adore this vibrantly colored and carefully detailed tote-style bag! The top zipper helps keep unwanted hands & beaks OUT and the large inside zippered pocket is great for your keys, wallet, & more! You'll love carrying this piece of carryable art wherever you go! And, you'll turn heads and get a LOT of compliments!
Handpainted Batik Parrot-themed Shoulder Bags
Gorgeous & unique carryable art! A great gift for bird, nature, or parrot lovers! These better-than-a-tote bag are great for any trip or venue! Take it shopping, walking, or a special event to show off your style and passion! New designs always in development. Why not check out ParrotAddict?
A normal Masked Lovebird and a Blue-mask, perched and each holding a heart-shaped flower in their beak, are the attention getters on this handpainted batik shoulder bag. Behind the birds is a vivid blue sky. Batiked leaves and greenery fill the rest of the design. The quilting highlights and adds depth to the scenery. Save 20% when you pre-order this bag. Heart Shapes, Love Birds, Lovebirds Art, Special Person, Whimsical, Words
Love Lovebirds & Art? Then this shoulder bag is perfect for you!
A beautiful and practical tote-style bag carefully batiked and painted by hand is the perfect gift for the Agapornis lover in your life! These cute & whimsical Black-masked Lovebirds playing with heart-shaped flowers will draw compliments, wherever taken and carried. Pre-order and save 20%! The shipment will arrive on or before Oct. 15th. Don't miss out! And please, save this pin to help get the word out! Thank you!
Beautifully handtooled and handpainted leather bag of a Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot perched on a branch with its wings stretched out in all their glory, set amongst tropical foliage. Leather Material
Beautiful Hand-tooled, Hand-painted Double Yellow Amazon Leather Bag
Elevate your parrot style with our exquisite hand-tooled, hand-painted leather bag. Crafted with precision, it showcases a mesmerizing scene of a vibrant DYH Amazon amidst lush tropical foliage. This unique accessory seamlessly blends artistry and functionality. The luxurious leather exudes timeless elegance, while the intricate detailing and vibrant colors bring nature's beauty to life. With spacious compartments, this bag ensures both fashion and practicality - a masterpiece you'll cherish!
Two view of this gorgeous purse - the front view has the parrot flying along a tropical beach, with palm trees and scenic waters. The second photo shows the adjustable leather strap and hardware, and a better shot of the palm trees. Gold, Handcraft, Blue Gold Macaw
Blue & Gold Macaw Handtooled Handpainted Leather Bag
Needing a partner in crime to brighten up your life? Say hello to our flamboyant Blue & Gold Macaw leather bag, desperately seeking a new roost. This masterpiece is handtooled & handpainted, ensuring no two bags are exactly alike. This bag flaunts its vibrant plumage and impeccable taste in fashion. It's the ultimate wingman for your adventures, guaranteed to turn heads and inspire jealous squawks. Adopt this bag today and let your style soar to new heights!
Front photo of the hand-tooled, hand-painted leather clutch featuring the Blue-front Amazon's head in profile. In navy blue leather and two trims showcasing this lovely parrot. Optional cross-body strap. Artisan, First Photo, Clutch, Soft Leather
Handtooled Handpainted Leather Blue-front Amazon Clutch
You’ll love our exquisite hand-tooled, hand-painted leather clutch, adorned with a gorgeous Blue-front Amazon! Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, the intricate design & vibrant colors are a fusion of craftsmanship and elegance. It offers a spacious interior for your essentials while showcasing this parrot’s beauty. This stunning accessory effortlessly transitions from day to evening. Make a unique fashion statement with this hand-painted masterpiece that speaks to your individuality.
Acrylic pierced earrings and keychains or Greenwing, Scarlet, or Blue & Gold macaws flying or perching. Many other species to choose from. All on sale! Cute, Super Happy, Cute Gifts, Key, Luck Charms, Keyrings, Fine Jewelry
Macaw & Other Parrot Earrings & Key Rings on Sale!
Cute and inexpensive! The key chains have a clasp to fasten onto a belt loop, bag, or purse. A great birthday gift or other occasion gift for the parrot lover. PLEASE SAVE THIS PIN TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Thank you!
Photos of three different pairs of Amazon parrot pierced earrings on sale with a buy 2 pair, get 1 pair free offer. Many other parrot designs also available, on sale. Free, Budgies, Cockatiel, Cute Fashion, Assorted
Cute Amazon Parrot Pierced Earrings on Sale!
Add a whimsical touch to your or a friend's fashion style! Love these birds? Then show them off! For every three pairs added to your cart, get one pair free! We have Blue-fronted Amazons, Double-yellow, and Yellow-naped. Many other parrot species also available on sale!
Buy 2 pairs of parrot pierced earrings and you'll receive a third pair for free! Pictured are African Grey parrots preening their tail, grey cockatiels, and green cheek conures. Many more bird species available to choose from. Fun, Tiel, Pierce
Buy 2pr get 1 additional pair for free! Parrot earring sale!
Besides the CAG, tiel, and green cheek pierced earrings, we also have Rainbow lories, macaws, Amazons, budgies, cockatoos & more! Don't miss out on this fun jewelry and sale prices!
Photos of 3 hand carved bone pendants. The first is a single feather, intricately tooled in black bone, with a brass bail. The second is a cockatoo perched on a branch, in white bone. The third shows 5 individual pendants, each tooled as a feather. You can clearly see each piece is unique and slightly different from its mates. Intricate, Piecings, Bones, Bone Carving, Parrot Jewelry, Bone Pendant, Hand Carved, Jewelry Design
Hand Carved Bird-themed Pendants
Exquisite hand-carved bone pendants inspired by nature's avian beauty, showcasing intricate craftsmanship. Our feather and parrot jewelry designs blend elegance with unique charm, creating timeless pieces that add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.
Photos of two hand-tooled, hand-painted leather clutches, each featuring a Black-headed Caique. One is on navy blue leather and the other on butterscotch. Portrait, Pockets, Leather Clutch Wallet, Clutch Wallet
Black-headed Caique Leather Clutch
Exquisitely handcrafted leather clutch featuring a captivating portrait of this comical parrot. Meticulously tooled and painted by hand, celebrating this parrot's beauty in a functional and fashionable accessory. Inside, there is a mirror, card slots, zippered pockets, and more to keep you organized! It really holds a LOT!!!
A tote-style bag featuring a Congo African Grey parrot in flight, carrying greenery with its feet. The handpainted batik design highlights the feathers and bird's unique coloring. With a top zipper and inside zippered pocket, this bag is better than a tote! Parrots Art
For the African Grey parrot & art lover!
Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for a loved one? Want to indulge your inner fashionista? This vibrant and eye-catching tote is a unique masterpiece, carefully handpainted by skilled artisans using the ancient art of batik. The whimsical flying CAG takes center stage and the contrasting handles highlight the bird's renowned color combination. ONLY available at !
Handpainted batik bag of a Rainbow Lory parrot perched on a branch with a multi-colored background of rainbow stripes. Better than a tote bag with its top zipper and inside zippered pocket! 3d, Tie Dye, Practical Bag, Gorgeous Bags
Tropical Rainbow Lory Batik Bag
This unique and stylish accessory is perfect for the nature, bird, or art lover! This vibrant, bright handpainted design is sure to turn heads! Great for every day or your special occasion. Show off your style and make a statement!
A beautifully detailed handpainted batik design of a sun conure parrot stretching out its left wing while perched on a natural branch. The top left has the sun batiked and the background is a rich brown tone. Detailed stitching gives a 3D effect. Handmade Gifts, Pocket, Inside Pocket, Wallet
Stunning Batik Bag! Not just for Sun Conure lovers!
Get compliments carrying this uniquely designed and gorgeously handpainted batik parrot bag! The colors are rich and vibrant, the top zipper keeps unwelcome hands out & the inside pocket makes it easier to find your keys, phone, & wallet! Great for shopping, at the beach, or wherever! Also makes a thoughtful gift for someone that appreciates artisanal art!