Valentines Sale for Parrot Lovers!

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A variety of handpainted batik products featuring parrots. There's a Black Palm Cockatoo sarong tied as a jacket, a Red-bellied conure pillow cover, an African Grey parrot jacket, and a Black-headed caique tote-style bag. Art, Valentine's Day, Purses, Bags, Batik Clothing, Hand Painted Leather, Hand Painted Leather Bag, Cockatoo, Macaw
Handpainted Batiks for Parrot Lovers!
Who wouldn't love to receive one of these brightly colored works of art as a Valentine's gift? Many more gorgeous designs & products - all on sale! There's something for the conure lover, CAG enthusiast, cockatoo parront, macaw mom, Amazon lover & more! Don't miss out!
Five handpainted batik tote-style bags. Each bag features a different detailed parrot. Sun, Pocket, Zipper, Inside Pocket, African Grey Parrot, Hand Painted, Top
Pre-Valentine's Sale for Parrot Lovers!
Beautiful & practical handpainted batik tote-style bags! With top zipper and inside zippered pocket! A great gift for the African grey, Rainbow Lory, Caique, Sun Conure or Greenwing macaw enthusiast! Sale expires Feb 6th!