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a multicolored rug with wavy lines on it
I want a Knockoff! | Paul Smith Rug
'Swirl' by Paul Smith for The Rug Company | Image used under Fair Use Doctrine
an abstract painting of blue and white waves in the ocean with light gray sky above
Ozean / malerei textur / malerei / ölfarbe / malerei detail / blau / ozean
pink mushrooms are growing on the side of a tree trunk in this close up photo
How to grow mushrooms • Delicious from scratch
Look at these bad boys!! My darling brother bought me the best present ever. A grow-your-own, pink oyster mushroom kit. For a few years now I have been experiencing the joy of collecting wild mushrooms, much of which is documented on this blog, but growing has not been a part of that hobby. It is...Read More
there are many different colored rocks on the ground
Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia
Honestly, this excites me so much, I can hardly stand it. Chilean artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates small and large scale installations made of colorful, hand sewn fabric. They are out of this world! I can imagine how the incredible tactile quality of her work makes it impossible to
a green and white leaf print fabric
40 motifs, textures et patterns à découvrir - Inspiration graphique #14 - Blog Du WebDesign | Patterns in nature, Surface pattern design, Prints
40 motifs, textures et patterns à découvrir - Inspiration graphique #14 | BlogDuWebdesign: