No-Fail Butter Tart Crust...perfect for custards & fruit fillings that don't require further cooking/baking....nice tips!

No-Fail Butter Tart Crust

No-Fail Butter Tart Crust Recipe - Perfect for custards & fruit fillings that don't require further cooking/baking.nice tips!

Millionaire Shortbread

Millionaire Shortbread Tartelette - Shortbread Cookie, Caramel Filling, Chocolate Ganache Topping These look amazing

Sweet and salty make the most delicious combo, don't they? Impress your guests with this tasty treat, made with AERO Truffle Big Bubble Bars. Try garnishing with fresh fruit or pecans to add a seasonal spin. Click to discover the full recipe.

AERO Sweet n’ Salty Pretzel Tart

Processor Danish Pastry & Cheese Danishes

baked cheese danishes – I Made these this weekend and they are amazing. Second batch of mini pastries with fresh berries ready to go in the oven today….

how to make danish pastries

Top tips for making Danish pastries

It is important to roll out the pastry to a long rectangle 4 times, to evenly spread out the butter and create lots of layers of light, flaky pastry – otherwise the pastry will be heavy and dense.