Patricia Salazar-Vasquez

Patricia Salazar-Vasquez

Patricia Salazar-Vasquez
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This is totally the demon from my novel Amphibians - even the dagger and clothing style - except Karit-Do was a male and the tiger body also had a head. One raping son of s bitch, I gotta tell ya.

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"You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars." Name: Maggie Sex: Female Sexual Orientation: Straight Race: Bubak Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Blue-green Blemishes: None

Rien ne nous insiste a nous donner la mort pour une souffrance que tous le monde vie

Skull balloon - new idea for the tattoo I already had drawn, with a little girl and a balloon.crazy how someone else had almost the same thing but with a nice, morbid twist!