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two pictures of the same light fixture with mesh coverings hanging from it's sides
This unusual light fitting of ours is woven steel mesh that has been hand shaped. Then spray painted in black and finished with copper highlights to catch the light. Beautiful!
3D Screw Art
By Andrew Myers . #parametricdesign #paramtricart #creative #creativity #art #design #designer #product #productdesign #homedecor #designinspiration #artwork #3dart #screws #creativedesign #guitar
a painting hanging on the wall above a table with a vase and plant in it
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a painting hanging on the wall next to a table with a vase and chair in front of it
Rectangle ethnic desert colors printable; Pattern wall art
Horizontal/Vertical warm rustic painting; Downloadable ethnic print
a guitar made out of woven material hanging on the side of a wall with buttons
Screw Art — Andrew Myers Art