who wore it better?

I stand the flip up for King Bey everyday!but I love the dress on both :) :: Lady Gaga vs Beyonce in peplum dress

Paris Hilton

Miranda Kerr VS Paris Hilton : Qui porte le mieux la robe fleurie ?

29 nov. 2012

29 nov. 2012

22 juil. 2009

Who Wore It Better: Blake Lively and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

who wore it better?

Who wore it better: Nicki Minaj VS.

05 oct. 2011

Who Wore Chanel Better? Blake Lively or Alexa Chung - Red Carpet Fashion Awards

20 oct. 2011

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Both Kate Winslet and Susan Sarandon were seen wearing this black and polka dotted dress. Who wore it better?

15 janv. 2012

this composite image a comparison has been made between Catherine Zeta-Jones (L) and Sarah Hyland (R) for a Celebrity Same Dresses feature

24 janv. 2012

24 janv. 2012

04 mars 2008

You can see The Celebrities Caught Wearing The Same Outfits At The Parties in this gallery. Here are the celebrities caught wearing the same outfits in the