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The symmetry of this particular shot became a fixation for an entire semester's worth of art in high school. Film Inspiration, Film Director, Great Movies, Stanley Kubrick Photography, Space Movies, Sci Fi Movies, Movie Scene, Movie Tv, Science Fiction

Actor Gary Lockwood in Space Suit in Scene from Motion Picture "2001: A Space Odyssey"By Dmitri Kessel

April Stanley Kubrik’s A Space Odyssey opens. Photo: Actor Gary Lockwood on set (Dmitri Kessel/Time Life Pictures/Getty)

Gravity (2013) - Great storytelling where the mind-blowing special effects actually enhance the story instead of overwhelming it. See it in IMAX - it is worth it Gravity Movie, Gravity 2013, Go To Movies, Movies And Tv Shows, Sandra Bullock, Pulp Fiction, Science Fiction, Oscars 2014, Film Serie

The Camera's Cusp: Alfonso Cuarón Takes Filmmaking to a New Extreme With Gravity

'Gravity' Absolutely amazing movie! Gravity Film, Gravity 2013, Gravity Review, Gravity 3d, Watch Gravity, Gravity Trailer, Christopher Nolan, George Clooney, Nominaciones Oscar

How the UK firm Framestore became an in-demand visual effects business, working on films such as the Harry Potter series and Paddington.

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Cate Shortland's film Lore is yet again taking on a young female heroin after Shortland's feature film debut Somersault in This film is an adaptation on the British writer Rachel Seiffert's novel The Dark Room.