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One of the holiest pilgrimage for Hindus, Vaishno Devi yatra attracts millions of devotees.

On this pin you see the god Vishnu. This is a god that appears in many shapes. He is usually showed with a blue skin color, he has four arms and he drives on a snake Shesha (to rest) and the bird Garuda (for transport).  Vishnu guards the world and intervenes when something dangerous happens. Krishna Krishna, Krishna Leela, Shiva Shakti, Shiva Art, Durga Maa, Bhagavad Gita, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddesses

Hindu Cosmos

✨ SHRI VISHNU GARUDA ✨ Gajendra said: “I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the self-effulgent Supersoul, who is the witness in everyone’s heart, who enlightens the individual soul and who cannot be reached by.

Maa Durga Kali, Durga Goddess, Shiva Shakti, Indian Goddess, Durga Puja, Shiva Yoga, Hindu Deities, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva

Dnis Priego ha guardado en DurgaDurga Devi “May the sweet smile of the Goddess Durga, which is the stainless light that illumines the cosmos, made of earth and water, drive far into the distance all.

Kali - Goddess of revolution  Goddess illustrations by Charles Ekabhumi Ellik Graphics designed by Corey deVos Quotes taken from Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton (via The Goddess Returns | Integral Life) Kali Shiva, Kali Hindu, Hindu Art, Shiva Shakti, Kali Mantra, Goddess Tattoo, Goddess Art, Oya Goddess, Indian Goddess Kali

Hindu Cosmos

Kali ~ Glorious destroyer of illusion, Hindu Goddess of mothers, bad assness and don't ever messwithness, amongst other things.

Advait: Way to Attain Lord Siva

Shiva and Parvati Shiv Ji, Señor Shiva, Shiva Art, Krishna Art, Hindu Art, Shree Krishna, Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna


Shiva and Parvati ai di da phat muon rap mat thiet bi qua may dai bo tac

Har har mahadev..rahul. Lord Shiva Hd Images, Om Namah Shivay, Divine Mother, Shiva Shakti, God Pictures, Radhe Krishna, Indian Gods, Durga, Buddha

Lord Shiva Hd Images, Om Namah Shivay, Divine Mother, Shiva Shakti, God Pictures, Radhe Krishna, Indian Gods, Durga, Buddha

Muruga valli deivanai. Blessings Sri Ganesh, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Kali Picture, Kali Goddess, Baby Krishna, Lord Murugan, Indian Gods

Lord Murugan(also known as Skanda/Kartikeya/Subramaniam/Tandayuthabani/Kumaraswamy/Arumugam) with wives Goddess Valli and Goddess Devasena.

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