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an open market with fruits and vegetables on display in front of a stone building that says, i buen y relajjaaddo sabado
Italian Market
Italian Market
there is a basket full of fried food on the table and someone dipping sauce into it
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Your average Burmese-style curry is served with; mohinga, the national noodle dish, often comes topped with greasy akyaw, deep-fried savoury bits; and many of the country’s snacks — particularly those sold in teashops — are deep-fried. The paradox is that Burmese vendors aren’t particularly skilled at deep-frying, and many of these dishes tend to be soggy and oily. But one deep-fried staple that the Burmese tend to get right is buthi kyaw, battered and deep-fried chunks of gourd.
a map with the words, eat the world with our interactive map
Map Room
We did it! We cooked every country in the world. The recipes are there so you can do it, too.
asparagus and ham wrapped in bacon on a plate
Muddy Stilettos
Spanish Tapas: Asparagus with Cheese and Prosciutto
bowls filled with different colored powders on top of a red table cloth next to other dishes
Spices at a street market in Mahalaxmi (Mumbai, India)
there are many people sitting on the ground with bowls full of red beans and rice
Central African Republic - Sites World
Central African Republic - Bakongo peanuts market by luca.gargano, via Flickr
some food is laying out on a table next to bowls and spoons with something in them
Welcome to Pure Vege - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Pulla – a delicious, sweet bread from Finland. This version is baked with cinnamon, sugar and butter.
two boats filled with lots of food on top of a river next to each other
Floating Food market, Thailand
an assortment of food on a plate with chopsticks and sauce in the background
Vegetable Tempura 野菜の天ぷら
Japanese Vegetable Tempura
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a pan filled with food sitting on top of a stove next to a body of water
Northern Gastronomy
Porto, Portugal
some food is being served on skewers with toothpicks in the middle
This is street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia last week. Dead Snakes wrapped on a stick ... Would you have the courage to try one?
a man is sitting on the ground working with pottery
Making POI - a sacred, life-giving food
pounding taro into poi - a Hawaiian and Polynesian traditional staple food
a man holding a basket full of coffee beans
harvesting Kona coffee beans, Big Island, Hawaii