Hahaha proud to be Canadian!!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 52 Pics

This is why I love Canada.hey, Adam puts syrup on his ham. I guess that's why he's Canadian!

Canadian Problems. "no kids there's no time to grab your coat!" unless MY coat is actually on fire, you bet your ass i'm gonna grab it.

And JUST after you've switched to your "indoor shoes" after recess. Wait - are "indoor shoes" a Canadian thing, too?

Canadian Problems.... basically one of my biggest Canadian pet peeves

basically one of my biggest Canadian pet peeves. Its always and forever going to be pronounced "Calgree" lol

WTF this must what it looks like up north ( lives in the southern part of Ontario, warmest part of Canada)

Texas, winter storm of the century (rain wet streets) --- Canada, Wednesday

The hockey net lulls them into a false sense of security. // but I'm gonna try this

Not all of us want free beer. Ok, yes Molson Canadian will get Canadians, but still. Any non-Canadian beer won't work on us.

so true but they forgot the infamous "everything is covered with mosquitoes" season

Canadian four seasons----- yup, 'bout right. On-going yearly construction after thaw due to frost heaves.

so true! 2009km and one ferry ride for us to the closest cousins... 6,790km to the furthest away...

RT, it takes 4 hours of driving to reach my closest cousins, and 6 hours for my grandparents. I'd have to drive 24 hours to get to Quebec and it's one of the closest provinces XD

Canadian problem #126 - Toronto, Canada. (It's Toronto, Ontario Canada) Just like America has States Canada has Provinces.

Canadian problem REALLY! They don't even know one of the most well-known provinces? I probably know at least half the states and I have never even payed much attention.

French class problems.

canadian problems *irregular verbs* for all those English people out there

Worst assignments ever. Especially involving music. Hmmm nickelback? Beiber?

Worst assignments ever. Especially involving music.>>>>>>then almost the entire class does drake


With a cozy pair of Canadian mittens like these, cold hands will never be a problem again! The iconic red mittens are worn by Canadians in support of their winter Olympic athletes.

Meanwhile, in Canada #snowman