Tiny owl and tiny kitten

Tiny owl and tiny kitten

Tiny owl and kitten friends.


Fur and feathers.

My Mum's cat & bird were like this. The bird recently had to be put down & now the cat mourns his little buddy.

Best Buds ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Best Buds ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club: Juniper the fox and doggie friend called Moose.

How now, friendly brown cow?

Two of my favorite things! :) On The Farm: Calf & Cat showing affection.

BFF! Too cute!!

Napping horse with cozy Rottweiler puppy.

A pair of odd but true companions.

Photograph Outlook by Tanja Brandt on

Capybara ♡ Cat

Thought everyone would love this. A capybara loving his kitty. The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, whose closest relatives in the animal kingdom are guinea pigs.Sheila A.


A Mellow Golden Retriever with his friend the =^.

sweet friends

Piglet and Lamb "Besties" Amazing how so many species relate. Human's need to look at them for lessons.