It's a bitty baby goat in a bucket.

This is a baby goat. I mistakenly called this a baby cow. how dumb can I be to mistakenly call him a baby cow?


30 Baby Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

polar bear baby animals why do they kill these poor little cuties for FOOD! makes no sense I has a happy! Animal Babies such cute animals.

Valais Blacknose Lamb

I'm gonna Pin this every time I see it, just because it's that beautiful! Valais Black Nosed Sheep are too cute to describe, just look at this pic. If I had one I would name her Treek (after my favorite ewok).

Bunnies Wearing Floral Crowns

Bunnies Wearing Floral Crowns - Neatorama I found pretty mrs Bunny over here

Valais black-nosed sheep - baby

Valais black-nosed sheep - baby I wish ppl would think of this when they eat lamb. so precious


Lamb with a heart shaped nose! Some call this a baby bottle lamb! Salt Spring Island we had a ball, took a picture of her lamb and then sold the owner the negatives! How sweet!