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the book cover for canada's prime ministers
Celebrate Canada! School's out, and Canada Day is on the horizon! Why not kick off the holiday with a little insight into one of the driving forces behind Confederation, and Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald? This concise biography and original portrait, from Irma Coucill's Canada's Prime Ministers, will help you see Canada Day as more than just a day off.
a drawing of an old man with the words sir sandford fleming learn about the life and invention of this creative canadian
With the recent anniversary of his birthday January 7, the timing is perfect to take a few pages from Harry Black's Canadian Scientists & Inventors, and discover the innovations and inventions of creative Canadian, Sir Sandford Fleming.
a drawing of an older woman smiling
Alice Munro Wins 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature! If you'd like to learn more about this amazing author, then you'll definitely want to download this biography! Continuing his intriguing work from Canada and the Nobel Prize, author Harry Black offers a stunning portrait and biographical sketch of this Canadian icon.
the cover of canada's prime ministers, government general and fathers of conservation
Canada's Prime Ministers, Governors General, and Fathers of Confederation by Irma Coucill
a light bulb with canadian scientist's and inventors written on the front cover
What Canadians have helped shape our world? Find out in "Canadian Scientist and Inventors, 2nd Ed." by Harry Black.
the cover of canada and the noble prize
Canada and the Nobel Prize: Biographies, portraits, and fascinating facts by Harry Black