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an english worksheet with the words toppling into our sense and what do you think
Fostering Mindfulness: Tapping Into Our Senses
The five senses are an anchor to mindfulness that students can recognize and use. Help them get in touch with the world around them with this simple activity from Fostering Mindfulness.
the physical activity checklist is shown in black and white, with silhouettes of children dancing
Physical Activity Checklist
Many students do better — focus, attention, behavior — with frequent movement breaks. This checklist, from Amanda Yuill's Reaching and Teaching Them All, will help you build movement into your classroom day.
a book cover with the text reading, responding to pictures through pomppss
Teaching Tough Topics: Response
Responding to literature is one simple way to get students thinking and talking about tough topics. Find more tips, tools & strategies in Larry Swartz’ Teaching Tough Topics!
the action strategy is shown in this document, which includes an image of a person's face
Action Strategies! from Students Mentoring Students
The 30 Action Strategies in Diane Vetter’s Students Mentoring Students will help your students communicate, collaborate & learn together. Check out more of the book with our online preview!
the diagram shows how to manage student behavior in order to improve students'learning and performance
Managing Student Behaviour: Reinforcement
What’s behind student behavior in the classroom? How do we discourage inappropriate behavior, and reinforce the behavior we want to see? Get into this complex issue and many more with Marsha Costello’s Managing Student Behavior!
a stack of books with the title teaching tough topics how do i use children's literature to build social justice, security and identity?
Teaching a Tough Topic: Black Lives Matter
How can children’s literature help readers to understand racism, white privilege, and oppression? Larry Swartz has ideas, advice, and updated booklists to help you begin to open doors to an understanding of equity, tolerance, and belonging, based in his latest book, Teaching Tough Topics. The right book can start a meaningful conversation about social justice and diversity—and these booklists will help you find your perfect starting point.
a young boy is holding a pencil and looking up at the sky with his mouth open
Reproducibles Sampler— Inspiring Meaningful Learning
This essential guide to teaching offers six key steps to planning lessons that grab the attention of students and engage them in impactful learning. We are offering you the amazing opportunity to try Brenda's lesson design with this sampler of reproducible pages right from the book that will take you through the six steps and let you see these ideas in action!
Relationships Make the Difference: Connect with your students and help them… Most Popular Books, Popular Books, Social Emotional, Download Books, Free Ebooks
Relationships Make the Difference: Connect with your students and help them…
a woman standing in front of a blackboard with an apple
Substitute Teaching? Everything you need to get the students on your side and…
a book cover with an image of a woman covering her eyes
Get a head start on a healthy classroom community with these…
a book cover with the title ban the book report and an image of a boy laying on
Good reading starts with great books. In her new book, Reading Power, Revised & Expanded Edition, Adrienne Gear has both great advice on how to start a winning classroom library, and a booklist that covers all the comprehension bases!
a book with the title what are our roles? pembroke's friday freebie
As we consider classroom planning, one of the most important factors is our roles in the learning lives of students. The role of teacher is not static, and these identifiers will help you reconsider your responsibilities to students and find a better balance. (Adapted from Jennifer Harper & Kathryn O'Brien's Student-Driven Learning)
I've Got Something to Say: How Student Voices Inform Our Teaching by David Booth Nurture Group, David Wallace, Student Voice, Honor Student, Inspire Students, Teaching Strategies, Thinking Skills
I've Got Something to Say: How Student Voices Inform Our Teaching by David Booth
a poster with the words building classroom routines and pictures of people around it
Poster: Building Classroom Routines. A Collaborative, Inquiry-Based Approach to Creating Classroom Routines (Adapted from Classroom Routines for Real Learning by Jennifer Harper & Kathryn O'Brien)
a clock with the words managing transitions in red on it's face, surrounded by numbers
Some of our most important routines are the ones that help us bridge parts of a lesson, or parts of a day. These handy tips (from Surviving and Thriving) will help you get off to a good start, keep things on track, and refocus students when attention does wander.