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an image of what we mean by learning
What We Mean By Learning
What do we mean when we talk about learning in math? What are the processes of meaning-making and knowledge building that are important? Find the answers in David Costello’s Making Math Stick!
the diagram shows how to make a model for an organization in order to understand what it is
Messing Around with Math: Graphic Organizers
Help your students solve problems and gain deeper comprehension of the math with these graphic organizers for solving all different types of problems. Discover more with the book, Messing Around with Math by David Costello!
two books with the title, the insider's guide to the ontario math curriculum
Insider's Guide to the Ontario Math Curriculum
Making Math Stick supports teachers in framing instruction so that students strengthen their understanding, and can remember and apply learning. This "insider's guide", written by the book's author, David Costello, has been designed to help teachers facilitate the new (2020) Ontario math curriculum. It includes instructional and learning strategies that will help teachers and students not only learn the prescribed goals, but improve recall, comprehension, and retention.
four different types of teaching materials are shown in this diagram, with the text explaining what they
This bright and cheerful poster will remind your students that there is more to math than just finding the right answer. It offers them four simple ways to think through any problem, and begin to see math and numeracy in a whole new light.
the four roles of the numerate learner effective teaching and achievement for kids
The Four Roles of the Numerate Learner: Effective teaching and assessment…
an image of a graphic diagram with the following steps to get involved in writing and using it
How to grade the ANIE Jr. (Adapted from The ANIE: A Math Assessment Tool that Reveals Learning & Informs Teaching by Kirk Savage & Kevin Bird)
the anie author worksheet for students to practice their writing and reading skills
The ANIE Jr. Template. (Adapted from The ANIE: A Math Assessment Tool that Reveals Learning & Informs Teaching by Kevin Bird & Kirk Savage)
two men standing next to each other in front of a green wall with colorful circles on it
What is the ANIE?
Authors and educators Kirk Savage and Kevin Bird walk you through their math assessment tool, the ANIE, and illustrate how to use it's 5 easy steps to help students solve any math problem!
a whiteboard with writing on it that says, real life example cup sugar mix it up in 3 cups of flour
Anie for adding fractions
Do you use the ANIE to help with math lessons? This video demonstrates how one teacher uses the assessment tool for helping students add fractions.
the words building numeracy bridging home and school surrounded by colorful letters
One of the key elements in building a foundation in numeracy starts in the earliest stages of schooling -- the active involvement of parents and families. These idea sheets, from Anne Burke's Ready to Learn, will help parents and teachers encourage children's natural curiosity and get them off on the right foot.
the steps to writing an application on a chalkboard with markers and pencils in it
5 Steps to Solving Any Math Problem! I Permission to Copy for Classroom Use
the book cover for math memories you can count on
Math Memories You Can Count On: A Literature-Based Approach to Teaching Mathematics in Primary Classrooms by Jo-Anne Lake
two people sitting at a table with papers on top of them and one person holding a pen
The Anie, Grade 2
What can THE ANIE do for your math lessons? Check out this video of the ANIE (Junior) in a Grade 2 classroom!
someone is doing something on top of a paper that has been placed on the table
The Anie, Mrs S
Wondering what our new math title, THE ANIE, is about? Check out this video of how the ANIE (Junior) can inform your practice!