Perfect Cinnamon Apple Fries Recipe. These Little Apple Crisps Are So Easy To Make And They Came Out Like Crunchy French Toast With An Apple Twist.. Tastes Just Like Mothers Apple Pie!

Cinnamon Apple Fries ~ Don’t they look amazing? The apples are lightly crunchy on the outside from the thin coat of cinnamon corn starch and soft on the inside. It's hard to go wrong pairing apples and cinnamon!

Actifry Chick Peas Snack

Actifry Chick Peas Snack- Ingredients 1 can drained chick pea ( garbanzo beans) 1 tabsp of oil of your choice ( I used olive oil) 1 tsp chili powder, or smoked chili powder or flavor of choice salt Preparation Drain a can

Actifry Homemade Potato Chips: Hands Off! by

Homemade Potato Chips using ActiFry

An easy healthy way to make homemade potato chips using the T-Fal ActiFry and a small amount of cold pressed oil.

Sweet Potato Fries Actifry

Sweet Potato Fries (Actifry)

This recipe is right out of the Actifry cook-book and it is excellent. For the servings are quite small. If you wish use Yams instead of sweet potatoes

Actifry Scrambled Eggs and "Skillet" Breakfast Potatoes from Anyonita Nibbles

Actifry Scrambled Eggs & "Skillet" Breakfast Potatoes

Use your Actifry air fryer to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs and perfectly crisp "skillet" breakfast potatoes!