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Rene Ours Pepin
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norse tribal clothes - Google Search

Interesting info on this site - The Celts and Celtic Society: Who are the Vikings?

Recreation of a Vendel helm, based on the Valsgarde 5 helm.  Total weight is 4lbs, 12oz -- spring steel, fine silver, linen & leather.

Vendel culture style replica of Valsgarde 5 on the upper portion. Lower portion lacks metal neck guard strips in back, spectacle plate and "mask" in front while substituting cheek guards not found with original.

Sutton Hoo helmet side view by Ganderwick Creations, via Flickr

Side view of the early medieval ceremonial helmet from Sutton Hoo.

Ringerike, Buskerud, Norway medieval | Viking Helmets, Norman Helmets, Beowulf Armour, Spangenhelm, Viking ...

Manufacturer of functional swords, historical knives, sterling silver jewellery (Celtic, viking, Slavic and medieval jewellery replicas) and leather accessories for re-enactors.

Fuck Yeah Norsemen (no, really, that's a website)    Early-ish Rus-ish armour. Greg is now too skinny for his armour.

Viking serving in the varangian guard. The helmet, and lamellar mail, were typical for the norsemen, who fought for the byzantian emperors. like the last viking king Haraldur Sigurdson Hardrada.