Merci qui ? MERCI MONTESSORI !: Structurer le temps : nos outils

MERCI MONTESSORI how to learn which day of the week is today, yesterday and tomorrow.

El Conde. fr: Ma journée | FLE enfants |

El Conde. fr: Ma journée

French Fall Lapbook - dossier interactif d'automne. Interactive activities to practice writing, to learn/review vocabulary, and more! En français.

This "lapbook d'automne" is a great way to celebrate the season while working on writing with a bit of Science and language (vocabulary) practice.

Animaux, dictionnaire visuel

Summer Vacation Printable Worksheets Check out this interesting board game for families to play with their kids I found last week. If you've played it, let me know what you think.


Set of 25 smiley faces: in various facial expressions. Easy to edit and transform: line-art and colors placed in different layers.