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Perrin langille

Perrin langille
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If you can't except that then don't let the door hit you on your way out. << well actually, it can hit you on the way out cuz like you deserve to be hit cuz you obviously aren't smart to live if you dont love all

I literally just broke down in tears because I'm an Luke Girl and this pin is so true :'(

I'm so sad now. Not because this is mainly for an Ashton fan girl but because it's meant for all celebs or band members. Oh Luke!


YOU GUYS. I need your help, I don't know any good photoshopping apps and I'm SOL. I'm trying to photoshop two pictures so it looks like I took a selfie with Luke. Anyone know any good apps?

On Luke… | 29 Of The Most Intense 5SOS Fan Confessions

This feeling occurs deep inside me. When you're trying to give hope to everyone else there's an empty feeling in your stomach that you know it will never happen and it sucks.

to forget about the stupid little things bro

to forget about the stupid little things bro>> why isn't the second guy my best friend?>> I would probably marry the second guy tbh

The accuracy is so real it scares me

thought this was funny. Just to clarify things I WAS here from the beginning

When she gives you the red light>>>>when she is a bad girl<<<< when she stops>>>>when she doesn't call you tomorrow at she's heartache on the small screen<<<when she doesnt meet you innher backyard that night