Multipass Compositing in Nuke - Tutorial

This tutorial accompanies an article by Dave Scotland, in Artist Magazine. Turn to page 88 of issue It covers how to composite multi-pass renders in N.

Nuke zdepth and multipass compositing tutorial

In this tutorial learn how to extract render passes from an EXR file and composite them in the Foundry's Nuke using the shuffle node and other techniques .

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Lens Breathing Tutorial - Realistic Camera Effects on Vimeo

Free Preview: Hollywood Nuke Techniques for Indie Projects

With independent productions for new media on the rise, we’ll discuss what we can learn from bigger pipelines and how we can condense and use some of those t.

Nuke. Урок 04 - 3D Camera Tracker & 3D Композитинг

Nuke. Урок 04 - 3D Camera Tracker & 3D Композитинг

Урок CInema 4d Export to Nuke 3D scene

Урок CInema Export to Nuke scene