Here is a nice collection of agility drills that you can do on the ice. Great for coaches to do with players, or players to do while they have some extra ice time

A drill featuring 4 easy to set up drills to work on your agility, footwork and edgework.

Coaching Youth Hockey – 2nd Edition (Coaching « – The Library of Library User Group

This new edition of Coaching Youth Hockey is part of the improved generation of the American Sport Education Program's (ASEP) Coaching Youth Sports series.

Regroup Center Outlet Hockey Drill

Over 550 Animated Hockey Drills For All Ages.

Skating Drills for Hockey (Hockey Drills) by Randy Gregg. $9.95. Publisher: Folklore Publishing (September 30, 2006). Publication: September 30, 2006. Series - Hockey Drills (Book 1)

Skating Drills for Hockey (Hockey Skills): This book has a focus on drills for skating, agility, speedand power providing a wide variety of easy-to-learn drills.

Bring out the champion in your youth hockey player

Bring out the champion in your youth hockey player