Peter Horrill

Peter Horrill
Southern Ontario, Canada / I love building people up! Exploring the mind/body/spirit/creator connection, Am an Encourager - Perseverer - Believer ! Love "Prosperity Consciousness
Peter Horrill
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Sowing, Growing, and Knowing Pastor Lisa Osteen Comes Lakewood Church December 2017

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Scare Yourself! | Ep. 268

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Can others really motivate you? Or do you have to motivate yourself? That's the question we explore this week.

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Your Spectacular Power…

When the heart is out of rhythm, this causes the upper chambers of the heart (the atria) to beat irregularly (quiver) instead of beating in a regular, rhythmic beat.

We're Wired With God's Power - Victoria Osteen

Can you imagine living in a beautiful house that's wired with electricity but the house sits in darkness because you didn't go to the breaker box and flip on.

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Celebrate Life l Ep.

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Find 7 things you love about YOU and don't wait for someone else to say it. One of The Best Speeches Ever by Li.

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