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Captain Janeway Commission by on @deviantART Film Star Trek, Star Trek Show, Star Wars, Captain Janeway, Star Trek Images, Kate Mulgrew, United Federation Of Planets, Star Trek Voyager, Stark

Star Trek Voyager - Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), and the USS Voyager Art Work by on deviantART.

"I am Locutus of Borg. From this day forward, your culture will service us. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE." Star Trek V, Star Trek Spock, Star Trek Ships, Star Trek Posters, Star Trek Images, Starship Enterprise, Star Trek Characters, Big Star, Star Trek Universe

If I don't survive, tell my wife "Hello."

Saavik by ~DennisBudd. Can hardly believe Kirstie Alley started out hot instead of loud, clumsy and dumb. Star Trek Series, Star Trek Tos, Star Wars, Star Trek Party, United Federation Of Planets, Star Trek Original, Starship Enterprise, Star Trek Universe, Big Star

Saavik by ~DennisBudd. Imagine Saavik in the STII:TWOK but a bit older and now Captain of her own ship. That is pretty close to how I pictured Captain T'Pree. A very strong, stoic woman who listened carefully to those around her.