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Ah, the smell of s’mores by the campfire. Bring a tent and a bundle of blankets and cozy up next to the crackling bonfire. While you’re at it, why not pack some mulled wine in a thermos and some leftover apple pie to complete your outdoor adventure?

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go barefoot. go brave.

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#KONI #KONIImproved #KONIExperience

Check out this infographic with 3 easy steps for tying an AWESOME knot!!!   Camping Hammocks Double Hammocks Hammocks for camping ENO hammocks Go Hiking, Snake, Camping Hacks, Deep, Wood, Madeira, Woodwind Instrument, Timber Wood, A Snake

The Only Hammock Knot You'll Ever Need: How To Hang a Hammock

Camping info Stay away from brush and wood as well as thick or deep brush.Look by your things to make sure a snake made it home.

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