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And pretending you aren't re-living the fun of some of your childhood toys.

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Once the PVC segments are cut, use Brillo soap pads and some water to remove the lettering from the PVC. My dad taught me this trick about 17 years ago when he would make furniture-grade rod holders (Bottle Rocket Pvc Pipes)

Ultimate DIY Kayak Crate

The kayak crate. It is probably one of the most coveted pieces of equipment a kayak fisherman can own and for good reason. While most anglers use a standard plastic milk crate, I tend to make mine out of inexpensive and readily available store-bought containers. When I first got into the sport, I used file crates for storage. The problem with these is that the plastic is thin and the crate tends to flex. Zip tie a couple of rod holders to these units and over a short period of time, the…

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Making Simple PVC Flutes

Making Simple PVC Flutes: This flute design is a common one on the net, and for good reason. Not only is it simple to build, it's also relatively simple to learn and rewarding to play. It only took a month of on and of playing to be relatively proficient (meaning I could get…

Building a 4 shaft table loom from PVC. The most expensive part of this project… – 2019 - Weaving ideas

PVC Loom | Start Weaving | Loom Plans

Building a 4 shaft table loom from PVC. The most expensive part of this project will be the reed. I might just have to try to make one of these, if I ever go to table loom weaving. www.pvcloom.com

PVC hoop house with shade cloth cover. Would work well in Texas! Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe projects.

Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe projects.

PVC geodesic dome and greenhouse geodome hub connector from Sonostar

Geodesic Dome Connectors (GeoHubs)

We carry a variety of Geodesic dome hub connectors. Whether you are looking to build a Geodesic Dome with 1/2" 1" or 1.5" PVC we have the right dome hub.

Building Furniture with Plumbing Pipe – The Pros and Cons Kee Klamp Fitting Selection

Kee Klamp Pipe Fittings - Buy Online, Full Selection

There are over 100 different types of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. These diverse connections allow you to create structural connections without the need for welding. Kee Klamp pipe fittings are made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel and are typically used to create pipe hand railing and other pipe-based structures.

Custom Speakers - PVC pipe sewer speakers that sound great!

Custom Speakers PVC pipe sewer speakers | Etsy

Custom Speakers - PVC pipe sewer speakers

Have you heard of aquaponics? Aquaponics Combines the Growing of Fish and Plants You may grow plants in water and without soil and once one does this together with growing fish you are practicing aquaponics.

Solexx Greenhouses

Solexx Greenhouses are designed for superior performance: best for your plants, for the gardener, and to stand up to Mother Nature.

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Building The PVC Loom

PVC Loom | Start Weaving | Loom Plans - Weave without spending a fortune! Buy the book and build your own 4-Shaft PVC Loom.

Make entry and exit from your Above Ground pool easy with this 5 in-pool step and flip up ladder. Unit can be mounted to pool or decks up to 60 inches.

In-pool Step and Outside Ladder

Ladder / Walk in Entry System Fits pools up to 54" tall 18" / 27" Wide comfort treads Swing up ladder with padlock for safety and security Easy to climb steps with dual handrails for added stability Allows easy entry into pool Step and rest design Flow through design to prevent algae Supports up to 300 lbs. This item r

Unleash the powerful, high-leverage ratcheting action of the TEKTON PVC Pipe Cutter on most non-metallic plumbing projects. Strength and durability come from the rugged, yet lightweight, cast aluminum

TEKTON 6466 PVC Pipe Cutter

TEKTON 6466 PVC Pipe Cutter - - Amazon.com

Building A DIY Chicken Coop If you've never had a flock of chickens and are considering it, then you might actually enjoy the process. It can be a lot of fun to raise chickens but good planning ahead of building your chicken coop w

2v Standard Geodesic Dome 'Hubs Only' Kit

The 2v Geodesic Dome 'Standard Hubs' kit will build a 2 frequency Geodesic Dome between 11' and 20' in diameter. This 'Hubs Only' Kit comes with everything necessary to build a 2v Geodesic Dome, except the struts. No struts are included with this package. The 'Hubs Only' Kit contains instruction on how to cut your own struts from 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe, which you can purchase at Lowes or Home Depot.

This furniture grade PVC elbow adjusts a from 90 to 270 degrees to change or move elements of a PVC structure or to obtain angles not possible with standard elbows. Fits inside of Size Schedule 40 PVC pipe.

1-1/4 in. Internal 2-Way Adjustable PVC Elbow

Product Features Connection Points Impact Resistant Increased Strength UV Resistant Adjustable Angle Internal Pipe Fit The FORMUFIT 1-1/4 in. Adjustable Furniture Grade PVC Elbow connects 1-1/4 in. Schedule 40 Size PVC pipe at two points to create any angle between 90 and 270-degrees. Create variable corners and angles

A beautiful way to clean up a PVC project. Adds a clean, flush end to open PVC pipe. PVC Internal Domed End Cap.

1-1/4" Internal PVC Dome Cap - Furniture Grade

FORMUFIT 1-1/4 in. Structural Grade PVC domed caps fits inside of the end of a Schedule 40 PVC pipe, leaving a smooth, flush, domed end. All FORMUFIT PVC Internal Dome Caps have a smooth domed shape on the top, providing a clean, flush end to PVC pipe. Their flush and simple appearance gives a smooth and professional look to projects and applications. Due to variances of inner diameters of PVC pipe, it is highly recommended that internal dome caps be permanently attached with PVC cement…