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Amy Vitale (1971) is an American photojournalist and film maker. "In the beginning, photography was my passport to meeting people, learning, and experiencing new cultures. Now it is more than just a passport. It’s a tool for creating awareness and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries; a tool to make sense of our commonalities in the world we share." For more info visit
Ami Vitale wurde für dieses Bild ausgezeichnet. Es zeigt eine Gruppe von Samburu-Kriegern in Kenia, die sich zum ersten Mal in ihrem Leben einem Nashorn nähern.

Second Prize Nature Category, Singles - Ami Vitale, USA, National Geographic

#ThePhotojournalist  “Much needed attention has been focused on the plight of wildlife and the conflict between heavily armed poachers and increasingly militarized wildlife rangers, but very little has been said about the indigenous communities on the frontlines of the poaching wars and the incredible work that is being done to strengthen them. These communities may hold the key to saving Africa’s great animals.” (#AmiVitale)  #photography #rhino #africa #savetheplanet #wildlife

These 75 Iconic Photos Will Define The Century So Far.Four of the the last seven Northern White Rhinos in the world are airlifted from a zoo in the Czech Republic in Africa in an attempt to save their entire species 2009

Photo Stories by Ami Vitale

Picture of wildlife managers implant a microchip inside a rhino’s horn

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Still time to help protect these beautiful rhinos with Ami Vitale's project fighting poaching in Kenya.