Multi-layered Illustrations by Gaia Alari ... | The Only Magic Left is Art

"For a minute there I lost myself" by Gaia Alari aka Marie-Esther

"I meet your eyes you don't even see me You hardly respond when I whisper hello Could be my soul mate two kindred spirits Maybe we're not I guess we'll never know  My own mother you carried me in you Now you see nothing but what I wear People ask you how I am doing You smile and nod don't let it end there  Put me underneath God's sky and know me don't just see e with your eyes Take away this mask of flesh and bone and see me for my soul  alone"

Sometimes I overthink, but that's okay because my thoughts combine to form a piece of art. "Love it" thanks for over thinking it :)

Contemplative Angel Bursts with Color and Life

So amazingly beautiful. This is by South Korean artist Minjae Lee, entitled Circulation. This is NOT digital art!

Saatchi Online Artist Loui Jover; Assemblage / Collage, "mind mechanics" #art

Beautiful work by Loui Jover Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Assemblage / Collage, Mixed Media "mind mechanics" ❤this piece.


This is an artwork from Moscow-based Russian illustrator and graphic artist Alexey Kurbatov. I like this design because it's beautifully detailed, and the colours fit really well for Frida Kahlo.

Powerful Paintings by Andrew Salgado. Andrew Salgado is a Canadian artist based in London...Love him.

COLOR EMOTIONS IN PAINTING---------------Powerful Paintings by Andrew Salgado - Andrew Salgado is a Canadian artist based in London. His powerful, colourful portraits are focused on themes such as identity, sexuality and convalescence.

Expressive Art. Using your body for kinetic drawing

Markmaking: Heather Hansen's "extraordinary project called Emptying Gestures" in which "she experimented with kinetic drawing.

High school...gridded artwork - Google Search Interesting move away from typical self portraiture.

Gridded Self Portrait. This is professional, of course, but what a great idea for middle schoolers to grid two pictures - one self portrait and one of a mediaeval creature and replace some of the squares from some of the creature.