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Ahaha. The other day I actually whipped around to stare at someone who said they'd started Supernatural. He then called me over and we discussed ssn 1.

Being a fangirl/guy is dangerous- homestuck wins<- how about no, supernatural always wins

The tumblr fandom

It always becomes about the fandoms<---of course the supernatural fandom was the first to hijack a post XD

Seriously though I don't understand how people have missed this. GET ON IT!! Sherlock season 3 premier

doctor who sherlock tie in/// clever. I Sherlock is not a time lord. It's a lot to write down.

Yup and I'm in all of these fandoms. Just stay away if you don't like feeling like death

ALLOW ME TO SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. Besides doctor who. I'm not putting myself through that<<< it’s too late for me, I’ve finished Sherlock, I’m rewatching Merlin, I’ve started supernatural and I’ve finished doctor who. for the second time.


I don't think I could say YES fast enough. Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. For the love of all things geek and wonderful.

My text tone is a dalek screaming exterminate. Cracks me up when I'm in a crowd and it goes off.

How to spot Supernatural, Sherlock, or Doctor Who fans.--- I have the tardis as my ringtone for my text messages. If it goes off in a crowd that is what people who are doctor who fans do. Or they fallow me around asking if that was the tardis.

Haha normal

>> lol also sounds like Welcome to Night Vale: "And tonight there is no news. Absolutely none. There is no reason why you should look out your window and question what you are seeing.

Haha I love half the conversations on tumblr. <-- still love Moriarty.

I may be attracted to "villains" apparently. *breaks down* They're just misunderstood! / just because I like a character does not mean that I approve his actions / Barney stinson / Draco Malfoy / LOKI / Moriarty

Oh my gosh, you seriously do not know pain until you get super attached to a BBC character.

Part 18 (can't stop won't stop)


The appropriate answer when reading Johnlock fan fiction. I don't ship Johnlock, but this made me giggle. < I don't ship it either, but it was still beautiful.

David tennant

Code Word for before you go: David Tennant. Code Word while you're there: Reverse David Tennant I am freaking using this xD my dad doesn't know Doctor Who and that line but i'll tell him about it and this so I can use it

:OOOO O.O my hope for the doctor coming just shot up. omg.

What if?I just read this to my parents and i got a couple of blank stares.<--Poor thing, if I read this to my mum she would totally geek out with me! I'VE CURRUPTED HER!