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Bag of Trouble by TheGlamourist on Etsy, £12.50

Public health poster warning men about trashy women giving them sexually transmitted diseases As if it's only the women who give STD's.

Vintage Lucky Strike Santa

Even Santa used to smoke in public - Old Advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Homo History

Faux vintage Jantzen women's swimsuit ad suggests: Lure him away from the poolboy

"A Meal in Itself?" Clearly  they have abandoned this concept...Burger King 1960

The famous Burger King Whopper, a meal in itself - Burger King Ad posters from the

Vintage cigarette adverts

These Lucky Strike cigarettes are being marketed as a weight-loss product

Buy those bonds!

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Mmm, carbs.  #RIP

Nothin better than a fresh loaf of Sunbeam Bread. I remember when the bakery had a "hot bread" sign to let you know they have fresh bread available to buy.those were the good ole days!

Brilliant Marlboro ad, 1951 (via) - After reading this ad; it dawned on me that just heard news on the radio that they now (6/2014) charge OVER $10.31 a PACK for cigarettes in New York!

What's Secondhand Smoke? This 1951 Marlboro ad both pours on the kitsch with a cute baby, and lays on the parental guilt ("Just one question, Mom: Can you afford not to smoke? CREDIT: Stanford School of Medicine

Fat-reducing soap from

Actual WWII Poster

Weird and WTF Vintage Ads: Pilots, take amphetamines!

because babies should be seen and not heard

Laudanum opiate of the (baby) masses?

DARNED RIGHT I'm on the warpath! you left your dirty sweat socks on the floor AGAIN.

Another 12 Sexist Vintage Ads - sexist ads

Mom's on the Warpath!" Why ruin the evening Mother? - New Ivory Soap Ad

If you can't trust your wife not to bankrupt you, you have bigger problems that credit card security, Bub.

Ohh good old marine midland bank

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Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Rises In Great Britain

She may look clean, but… Pick-ups “good time”. - She may look clean, but… Pick-ups “good time” girls, prostitutes, spread syphilis and gonorrhea. You can’t beat the Axis if you get VD.

WWII Hoover Advertisement | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Poster- Quote: "America's women have had many things to make life easier for them - but it hasn't made them soft!" Love this poster

VINTAGE SEXIST ADS | Sexist Vintage Ads » Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Sexist Vintage Ads

The propaganda is more sophisticated these days, buit the message of advertising remains the same: Be Afraid. "A Wife Can Blame Herself If She Loses Love By Getting "Middle-Age" Skin! "From Duke Digital Collections.