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Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul

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Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul It hardly seems fair. In a battle of wits, Rand Paul is basically unarmed!

Yes he DID! Oh, and did we mention a recovered economy and housing market?  Image by Occupy Democrats,

History WILL consider him to be one of the most effective presidents of our time!

DJT defends Confederate statues-destroys wildlife & sacred sites.

DJT defends Confederate statues-destroys wildlife & sacred sites.

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

republicans - Human rights have never been a republican strength as it's not related to profits so much.

Trump supporters are white, uneducated, racist bully bigots, who have been willfully brainwashed by the PARTY OF FEAR & OBSTRUCTION, RACISTS & BIGOTS, SEXIST & HOMOPHOBES AKA GOP.

I'm sure there are scores of cowardly Trump supporters hiding in the shadows who will secretly cast their vote for him.

THANKS TO Brian Myers:  " The right has shown Obama nothing but disrespect since the moment he took office. Their hatred of the man who occupies the Oval Office has become so common place that it is now newsworthy when a Republican doesn’t disrespect president Obama and is family!! What a sad state of affairs. Obama came into office under the mistaken belief that at even if his opponents disagreed with him, they would still show respect for the office that he holds. The reality is that…

Racists, religious extremists, bigots and white supremacists all align themselves with the Republican party. If you're Republican, which one of these are you?

Republicans hate women. So important.

"Ladies THIS IS the GOP! Nothing the GOP will do will make your life better.they just do not want equally for women in any way!" Seriously fucked up. The American Taliban.