JackSepticEye. I have a fetish for guys in glasses and when he said he got glasses I was like: OMFGHHHHHH ARGHHHHHHHHHHHGG HELP ME!!!!!!!

Jse with glasses or not? I prefer with glasses my smol little green bean💚💚💚

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This is why we love Jackiboi has much has we all do, he can master all 3 sorts of selfies and he is an awesome bff


Emotional ending + Jack crying = not a good time. I’m not crying……<< y tho like I never cry unless it's like jack/mark/pewds/ crying or when Gabriel died just this is not ok

Literaly roasted xD by IvaTheHuman on DeviantArt

Did they jump into a oven jack is a baked potato and Felix is a Swedish meatball. ROASTED potato and meatball!