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Original vintage World War Two propaganda poster, one of a series printed by the US Government Printing Office in 1942 to promote support of America's allies - This Man is Your Friend Canadian He Fights for Freedom.


'Keep America Rolling!' ~ WWII era car poster linked to war defense, ca.

This is a propaganda poster against Hitler during WW2. Propaganda has a distinct point of view and was to do with issues society was facing, or positive events, during that time. This propaganda was clearly done by people who were apposed to Hitler and his beliefs, saying lets catch him at his weak point, and we can only do this if we keep fighting. Propaganda like this was used to influence citizens to pick a side for the war.

The most important question is: Did Hitler wear Swastika panties? More on Hitler representions in British and American war propaganda: Cécil.

The 'violated' Belgians often featured in British wartime propaganda with great emphasis placed on the plight of women, children and the elderly

Une affiche de recrutement

I'll Be With You Boys" Royal Canadian Air Force recruitment poster from World War II

Do with less so they'll have enough.

This World War II poster persuades people to ration their food correctly.

US Merchant Navy Poster, North Africa, Pin by Baylaender

Poster, The Merchant Navy Was There! Poster Print By Mary Evans Picture Library/Onslow Auctions Limited X Navyblue

“Prevention and more prevention. Let’s fully establish a veterinary system for the prevention of epidemics!”

North Korean Poster: "Prevention and more prevention. Let's fully establish a veterinary system for the prevention of epidemics!

For Cadia

For Cadia

US WWII propaganda poster, from the "This Man Is Your Friend" series (Chinese)

This man is your FRIEND - Chinese, An American World War II propaganda poster, 1942

World War II Victory Garden Poster | Poster | Wisconsin Historical Society

World War II Victory Garden Poster

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A recruiting poster for the Canadian Women's Army Corps,