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10 MATH CHAPTER BOOKS - great choices both for kids who love math and for those that don't.

Math Chapter Books Kids Will Love

Books can be one way to turn students on to math! 10 MATH CHAPTER BOOKS - great choices both for kids who love math and for those that don't.

Chets Creek Elementary is a K-5 professional learning community with 1,300 learners in Jacksonville, FL. Coaching Chronicles was first created when I served as the school's Instructional Coach (2004-2011). I have since served as a third grade learning leader(2011-2013), and am now the school's Assistant Principal. Regardless of my role, this blog shares snippets of our learning journey and Creek Life.

Pinner said:"In third grade, students will learn how to multiply and divide. We have two doors in our classroom designated to record student progress. As they master a set, they will get to "sign the door.""And more great ideas other than math!

Easy way to teach students to connect the date to the day of the week...Teacher Tipster (The Elevator Game)

The Elevator Game. Helps kids figure out what day of the week a certain date falls on in this quick morning meeting activity!

I’ve worked with many students who have been diagnosed with ADD.  Each of them have been wildly different from the other. When I think of their internal clocks, some of them were on high ener…

The Tutor House: Nuts N' Bolts for Math. This will be perfect for practicing operations with integers. Each pair could have a different nut/bolt set. On their papers they could be asked to list out every combination.

The cool thing about this unit is, you can use any kind of goodies that you want! One of the gals on my team used Skittles, another used M & Ms, and another used Fruit Loops! I decided to go the healthy route . . . Bwahahahaha!  {Like fruit snacks are so healthy!}

End of the Year - Probability?

Every math series I& ever taught from teaches probability at the end of the school year. I love Everyday Math, because they teach it a.

Keeping Their Attentionby The Tutor House

Getting through tutoring may be difficult for some students. Here’s one quick idea, use a note card or index card with a check list of the things you’ll be doing during tutoring t…