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Swimmer Girl Problems

Swimmer Girl Problems

Makes me feel sooo slow

I have free time! ... But no life... Soooooo...?

Swimmer girl problems I start swimming in a week.

Swimmer Girl Problems...yes! you always start sinking and you have to breathe all the time

Swimmer Problems Why? Why can we not use kick-boards?

Omg you don't even know. Then I have to cut my hair there cuz there's to many knots then when I try to wear a high ponytail it all falls out!

There's nothing like having dry hair and pulling off a DRY latex cap

Ya. "Then my friends are always like want to come over?" And I'm like, "I've got 2 and half hours till practice and I've got homework and chores, uh no." "What about after practice?" "Practice ends at 6:30, then I've got wash my hair, eat dinner, and go to bed."

Yep, when my non-swimmer friends are planning a movie the first thing they ask is when I'm off from swimming.

Hahahaha us telling our coach this when trying to do dryland and play games "this is why we swim Zia"

And failing miserably. Zero gravity sports for me.

Haha Sometimes. I usually like fly.

Cringed reading this quote

"Can you come over?" "No, I have practice".....

Swimmer girl problems---so true!

I sing it out loud in the water because nobody will hear me

Not only a swimming problem this happens to me alllll the time

Swimmer Girl Problems, that is the best!  Our lane does that, diving down deep and kicking,

Swimmer Girl Problems, that is the best! Our lane does that, diving down deep and kicking,

It's a good and bad thing. Depending if u like the event or not?

200 medley relay, 100 free, 200 free relay, and 400 free relay

Ugh! Hate this! Haha I always sneak up behind people and fix them, becuase I'm OCD like that. XD

Swimmer Girl Problems pet peeve of mine

Swimmer girl problems. And you still feel the swim hunger.

Or feeling guilty when missing practice

pretty much all the time  #Swimmer girl problems

I use reverse psychology and tell them I love butterfly and hate breast stroke (which is easiest for me) nyeh heh heh heh heh

Swimmer Girl Problems

It's worse when you get to the pool and find out it's been delayed and you have to wait for like 3 more hours in a skin tight suit!

-my life

Swimmer Girl Problems it's the opposite for me