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Shopkins HOLIDAY PARTY with Season 4 Petkins - Somekins has a crush? - Cookieswirlc Play Video - YouTube

Shopkins are having a holiday party. Here come the new Season 4 Shopkins, looks like Pamela Pancake has a crush on Pancake Jake. Watch out for the Petkins sh.

DIY Rare Shopkins Season 2 Carrie Carrot Cake SQUISHY TOY Craft Make & D...

Make a super cool Shopkins Squishy Plushy. Simple and easy DIY (do it yourself) project using a sponge and puffy craft paint, now it's rare Season 2 Carrie C.

DIY Custom Kooky Cookie SHOPPIES SHOPKINS Doll - How To Craft Do It Your...

This is my how to video of how I made this custom Shopkins Season 1 inspired Kooky Cookie Shoppies doll! I rerooted her hair , made a new dress, made a .

DIY Squishy Shopkins Season 1 Kooky Cookie Inspired Craft Do It Yourself - CookieSwirlC Video - YouTube

DIY Squishy Shopkins Season 1 Kooky Cookie Inspired Craft Do It Yourself - CookieSwirlC Video


Here is a cute idea for your Shopkins doubles or presents to any Shopkins lover :) Also it also makes bath time fun :) OPEN UP FOR MORE INFO :) Materials: Cl.

DIY Shopkins Season 2 Toasty POP Plushie TOY Craft Make & Do It Your Self How To Video Cookieswirlc - YouTube

Custom make a super cool Shopkins Felt Plushy inspired by the Shopkins Magazine Simple and easy DIY (do it yourself) project using felt, a needle and thr.

8 New Shopkins Season 5 Playset Frosty Fashion Collection with Elsa Cookieswirlc Video - YouTube

Lets head out into the snow with the new Frosty Fashion Collection Season 5 Shopkins. Watch them play in the snow with Disney Queen Elsa and Pinypon!

Shopkins Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset Food Fair Van Car Exclusive Fun Toy Video Unboxing - YouTube

New Shopkins Season 3 playset pack Ice Cream Truck Set Food Fair. It contains exclusive Shopkins figures water bottle and double scoop ice cream and accessor.

Shopkins Season 3 Opening Video 12 Pack Mystery Surprise Toy Unboxing Shopping Blind Bags - YouTube

Gemma Stone Shopkins Custom DIY How to Make Gemma Stone Shopkins by Toypals. The Gemma Stone Shopkin is being auctioned off for charity early th.

How To Make Shopkins Cool Cube Polymer Clay Tutorial

Join me in this tutorial as I re-create the Shopkins character Cool Cube by moose toys from polymer clay.