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A Success Story: Remineralizing Teeth After Bottle Rot with a nutrient dense diet. Amazing!

A success story: Remineralizing teeth after “bottle rot” in a breastfed child

How I Reversed My Daughter’s Tooth Decay I have a friend who did something similar and the cavity went away.

How To Reverse Tooth Decay - My Daughter's Story

Can We Cure Our Kid's Tooth Decay NATURALLY?

Can We Cure Our Kid's Tooth Decay Naturally?

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How to Reverse Your Kid's Tooth Decay Naturally

Despite the myths, sugar and bacteria aren't the real culprits that cause tooth decay. Learn the REAL cause of cavities and demineralization, the foods you should avoid if you've experienced tooth decay (hint: over 85% of Americans have tooth decay!), plus the RIGHT diet for healthy teeth. [by Lindsey Dietz]

The Real Cause Of Cavities & Demineralization + The Right Diet for Healthy Teeth

Natural Remedies for Receding Gums | From My Little Cottage

Natural Remedies for Receding Gums

How to heal teeth naturally with high vitamin butter and cod liver oil - teeth healing method

How to Save on Dental Bills - $2600! Another Real Food Success Story

Naturally healing cavities in less than a month—"I didn’t change much about his diet except every morning I give him the cod liver oil and toast with the natural butter oil, that’s all I do.

My daily oral health routine that helped stop my cavities - Several years ago, my holistic dentist discovered cavities in two of my teeth, but agreed to let me try some natural remedies before filling them. This is the exact protocol I followed to stop those cavities, remineralize them, and to avoid them ever since.

Oral Health Routine to Help Remineralized Cavities

This is the oral health routine I used to help remineralize my cavities with natural toothpaste, supplements diet and lifestyle changes.

Teeth Needing Root Canals Can Heal with Diet Alone

How I Healed My Child's Cavity

Here’s Why Coconut Oil Is Becoming Known As The “Miracle” Dental Bacteria Killer Looking for an alternative toothpaste? Mainstream science has now fully recognized the ability to combat tooth decay and also to specifically destroy candida albicans that.

A Mothers Story Healing My Child's Eczema

Using the Paleo Diet to Heal Eczema and Dermatitis in Children

Heal eczema naturally, part 2. | Clean. : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Heal eczema naturally. Step 2.

How To Remove Tartar Buildup #teethcleaning

How To Remove Tartar Buildup

How To Remove Tartar Buildup #teethcleaning

How to Use Black Seed Oil (5 Steps) | eHow

How to Use Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil, which comes from the herbal plant black cumin, is often referred to as "the seed of blessing" because of its many benefits. It can help treat.

Tooth remineralizing powder. How to cure tooth decay- yes it is possible

Remineralizing Tooth Powder Recipe

The book "Cure Tooth Decay" explains that healing cavities is possible and details the steps to improve your oral health dramatically.

NYU's New Assessment Tool to Combat Oral-Systemic Disease.  The Interprofessional Oral Health Grant Team Challenges the Medical Profession to “Put the Mouth Back in the Head” in the American Journal of Public Health.  TOSH (Teaching Oral Systemic Health) educators and clinicians have developed an educational and clinical innovation transitioning the traditional head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat (HEENT) examination to the addition of the teeth, gums, mucosa, tongue, and palate examination.

Preventive Dentistry is a combination of good dental hygiene with regular dental appointments that allow us to do our part in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.