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Gollum cat must know...

Gollum cat must know...

Le parfait petit manuel de la compagnie de l'anneau

Lord of the Rings - proper ring disposal guide. If only Tolkien had known it could be so simple

Beacons, because I just said I love this scene

When I hear LoTR fans saying this around a bonfire here in the UK for Guy Fawkes Night I always smile and shout MUSTER THE ROHIRRIM! Everyone who gets it laughs and shouts in response too, those that don't look at the rest of us like we're drunk or mad.

Whoa... never realized Theoden was Captain of the Titanic!

Where was Gondor when the icebergs closed in around us? Where was Gon-. *rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically*

Gilmore is so funny!!

Lord of the Rings - Gimli is caught off guard. I love lord of the rings.

Awesome Lord Of The Rings Cupcakes

For Wizardly Wednesday, how about a Gandalf the Grey Cupcake? Or a Mallorn Leaf Cupcake? Or a Glamdring Cupcake? Or to top it all off, how about a One Ring of Power Cupcake?

Haha cook jokes the best

Not again....