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Gunship from the movie "Aliens"

Released over twenty years ago, the movie Aliens still stands as a benchmark in film making.

Rescue! by duster132 on deviantART

The Ranger Regiment is also the world’s premier light infantry fighting force, specializing in raids and assault missions deep inside enemy held territory.

concept art from CA WS

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Concept Art Delivers A Closer Look At The Film's Final Battle

ArtStation - Elite Dangerous: Federal Dropship concepts, Xavier Henry

Concepts for the federal dropship . Styling had to be adapted to match the Core Dynamics brand.



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A StarCraft II Marine Won't Shoot Monsters This Pretty

A StarCraft II Marine Won't Shoot Monsters This Pretty

Svyatogor Advanced Attack Helicopter for Nationstates. Did this one awhile ago, before I started going more in depth, but this is my best helicopter lineart. A few flaws, like usual but .

concept ships: Ships from TRANSVERSE by Steve ChinHsuan Wang

Really tight renders from Steve ChinHsuan Wang. Keywords: concept spaceship model renders art by Steve ChinHsuan Wang professiona.

Dropzone Commander United Colonies of Mankind : Raven Type-A Light Dropships

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The Drake Buccaneer Sets Sail - Roberts Space Industries - Looking To Get Your First Quadcopter? TOP Rated Quadcopters has great quadcopters that will fit any budget.

A - Concept

This Cameron'esque inspired drop ship was to drop the race vehicles in to each of the various environments. Looked great in game.