A couple that slays together stays together. .. well sort of

Björn Ironside and Þórunn

Junior Shieldmaiden Þórunn before her first battle, Vikings Season 3

Vikings Porunn and Björn

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I hate that they are going to make her a bad guy Vikings - Siggy

The wanderer and his mysterious gift...

The wanderer and his mysterious gift.

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Björn Ironside looking after his Mother Lagertha, Vikings

Badass women rules

A Shieldmaiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology. They are often mentioned in sagas such as Hervarar saga and in Gesta Danorum. Shieldmaidens also appear in stories of other Germanic nations:.

the gods will always smile on brave women #vikings

the-princess-in-the-tower: “ “The gods will always smile on b r a v e w o m e n ” ”

Harsh Are the Gods

“How the little piggies will grunt, when they hear how the older boar suffered.

Vikings. You don't mess with Lagertha! I've been waiting from the moment we met her new husband for someone to put him down.

You don't mess with Lagertha.now that what I call butter-knifing.Thought it would be Ragnar, but she can take care of herself.

Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha (sharpening her axe) & Travis Fimmel as Ragnar in Vikings

Vikings Season Ragnar Lothbrok’s Revenge, Another Viking Raid?

Get knocked down, get back up.

Junior Shieldmaiden Þórunn (Gaia Weiss) in Vikings

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I love Floki!

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may thor strike you dead

Eelyn's khol around the eyes could drag down the cheeks like this picture.

Gustav Skarsgård as Floki, Vikings