oh I love this one, reminds me of me and codee

owl mama and baby tattoo, I love this but I would want two baby owls, one pink and one blue with my children's names under the owls. It would make a beautiful short sleeve.

Hahaha. Had a classmate show this to me. Could put it on my left leg since my right already has owls lol.

love the color. dont get the key hole. I usually hate owls but lately they have been coming around me. (not real ones ha) and Im starting to come around to owls.

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Owl by Santu Altamirano. // I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for my grandmothers with cherries & an owl, this is close & awesome!

i love owls drawn this way, i would even get something similar tattooed (minus the branch)

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owl tattoo