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lynne hoppe studio. Via  Jagoda Dragelj Leskur

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Pablo Picasso in a studio.  Honestly had no clue that's what he looked like. I thought his face was askew like his paintings (hardee har har)

Pablo Picasso photographed in his studio near Cannes, France in The Thonet rocking chair in the distance appears in many of his paintings. I own a Thonet rocking chair!

The open air loft style is really cool and quirky... but the artist of this studio has some serious attention deficit disorders.

Atelier ~ This is the beautifully bohemian (and slightly mad) small world of French artist Ronan-Jim Sevellec. At 80 years of age, his most recent exposition was in 2012 and saw his boxes of tiny artist’s workshops and old antique rooms displayed in v

This could be a studio pic too, but isn't the art great? Hmmm, wonder if this is actually an ad for clothing? Who cares?

The New York loft studio (above) of artist Ruben Toledo, is awash in natural light from celestory windows. You can see why Nordstroms found it a compelling location for its Fall 2010 catalog shoot. I'll take the studio and the dress!

Robert Motherwell's studio

Robert Motherwell's studio

An interior of Picasso’s studio, circa 1949–70, Alexander Liberman. The Getty Research Institute.

An interior of Picasso’s studio, circa Alexander Liberman. The Getty Research Institute.

Frida Kahlo's House-Studio

Frida Kahlo painting in her studio at Casa Azul, photographer Vicente Wolf

This is the Parisian atelier of painter Jules Thulot, little-known today, but in this photograph we get an intimate look inside his personal space. A fabulously bohemian lair, begging to be explored inch by inch. It was the discovery of this photograph that sent me on my hunt for today's compendium

art studio of the famous surrealist artist Leonor Fini. striped cape painting smock and doll

Picasso's studio, La California, in the South of France

Enchanting studio Picasso's studio, "La Californie" Atelier Villa in Cannes, in the South of France

Eric Carle in his studio.  there is such honesty in his studio

pipsqueak-press: Eric Carle in his studio harpercollinschildrens: collageoftheweek: The master Eric Carle in his studio, from Magazine Vol. 6 No. Love this picture of Eric Carle in his studio

Claire Basler home and studio on the outskirts of Paris. Large scale floral panels and the plants that inspire them

Studio of artist Claire Basler in Les Ormes, outside Paris. I don't know this artist, but what a lovely studio!

Henry Moore w/in Studio [c. 1969]

‘The eye sees something that is in the mind already’: Henry Moore’s daughter remembers her father. Henry Moore in his maquette studio, Perry Green, circa reproduced by permission of The Henry Moore Foundation