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Happy personality and deep ( serious) soul in one body. I was literally just thinking about this tonight and trying to figure out a way to explain it to someone.


Is it possible to return to a relationship with INFJ the door slam? what are the conditions for a return to this relationship?

All of this! Even my best friends of so many years can't get me this way!

I agree with this in sentiment but I AM good at multi-tasking & even good at winging it, so in those I'm apparently different than most INFJs

So true! Sparing all but the closest of my friends and family from all but the most mundane of the dichotomy of my thoughts and feelings is my way of loving them. | INFJ.

There is no such thing as "full access" into an INFJ's mind. You're either deemed not worthy enough or we love you too much to expose you to something so chaotic.

#INFJ doorslam - it takes a lot to get there but when I'm there I'm done...I wish this wasn't the case though!

Ive door slammed a few times in my life.the infamous INFJ door slam explained

INFJ friendship.  Spot on.

I don't always "avoid" fun stuff. But it takes me longer (and sometime convincing) to want to go than the average person. The Counselor, INFJ personality type