Pulp Mag Cover - Black and White photography with splash of watercolor (by Iveta Karpathyova). Pretty.

Pulp #3 Cover

Pulp Mag Cover - Black and White photography with splash of watercolor (by Iveta Karpathyova). Inspiration for type 2 project, watercolor flame. With black and white integration

ourhellophoenix:  ‘Re-Cover’ by Ana Strumpf

São Paulo-based artist Ana Strumpf is the illustrator behind the series “Re.Cover” in which she customizes magazine covers such as W, Interview, Dazed & Confused, Esquire, Vogue and ID.

I really like this cover because it doesn't look a stereotypical magazine I would see on the shelf. I love the use of contrasting fonts (especially the font that the word "george" is written in) and I like how the other stories are much smaller underneath it. It is a unique approach to a magazine cover and it instantly drew me in over stereotypical covers. I also love the use of the photograph and how the darkness of the photo contrasts the white text.

Esquire Singapore – January 2014

Art direction, design and lettering for the cover of Esquire Singapore. Photograph by Ruven Afanador.

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(letra palo seco) I think this is a very interesting magazine cover combining the faces of two people together!


Jay-Z’s 2010 “King of America” Rolling Stone cover, done in collage. Artist Andy Gellenberg writes: “My purpose on this sized collage work was to recreate a magazine cover.

10 Inspiring Pieces of Editorial Design

10 inspiring pieces of editorial design

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I love Hattie Stewart like Hattie Stewart loves hearts

Meet the funny and joyful illustrations of Ana Strumpf. Her most famous project is Re.Cover- covers of fashion magazines, such as Vanity Fair, I-D, Vogue and Another re-created in a surrealistic mode.  It is a feast of colors, patterns and petite pictures;)

Fun Magazine Cover Doodle Art by Ana Strumpf & Hattie Stewart Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!

Used (London, UK)

USED magazine. Brainchild of the London based creative agency Useful , (known for their art direction and editorial design of the Topshop 214 Magazine), USED is a new bi-annual publication focusing on the interaction between fashion and art. The first iss