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Hwarot is a type of traditional Korean clothing worn during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty by royal women for ceremonial occasions or by commoners for weddings.It originated from the Kingdom of Khotan, Central Asia.

The oldest photos of Koreans taken by Russian photographer in 1863. The Korean Joseon Dynasty’s delegates to China's Qing dynasty.

This photograph ↑ is one of the earliest photographs depicting yangban Koreans, taken in The yangban were part of the traditional gentry who oversaw the agrarian bureaucracy in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty, the last dynasty in Korean history.

The Sound of a Flower (Hangul: 도리화가; hanja: 桃李花歌; RR: Dorihwaga) is 2015 South Korean period drama film based on the life of Jin Chae-seon, who became Joseon's first female pansori singer in 1867. Jin risks her life by cross-dressing as a man, at a time when women were forbidden to sing in public or perform on stage. The film focuses on the relationship between Jin and her pansori teacher, Shin Jae-hyo. The Korean title, Dorihwaga, is a song written by Shin about his protégée after she…

The Sound of a Flower (Hangul: 도리화가; RR: Dorihwaga) is 2015 South…