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What's in my burger?

Foods to Avoid: 10 Foods That Make You Less Smart Researchers at prestigious universities find that there are foods that make you less smart.

DONT PUT IT IN YOUR BODY If bacteria don't eat it, why should you? Article about the nasty things food companies do to keep food from spoiling. Food dipped in poison? Even bacteria know what real food tastes like. Be smarter than a germ people!

Why you should consume turmeric to prevent disease including cancer? Here are some of its incredible benefits: combats arthritis, regulates blood sugar, helps you lose weight, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, & so much more! Curious which turmeric supplement Ty and his family use? Click through to find out! Please re-pin to support us on our mission to eradicate cancer naturally. Together we are saving lives everyday.

Top 12 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

Cholesterol Cure - Cholesterol Cure - Arthritis Remedies Hands Natural Cures - Guide to cholesterol-lowering foods - Dr. Axe - Arthritis Remedies Hands Natural Cures - The One Food Cholesterol Cure - The One Food Cholesterol Cure

Anticancer herbs: A giant list of over 60 herbs that have been suggested to have anti-cancer qualities - with scientific references and a report on…

We all experience cravings at one time or another - some healthy and some not so healthy. Some of the most commonly craved foods include chocolate, pizza, salty snacks, ice cream (a favorite of mine), and pastas. But what do these cravings mean?

Why Nitrate-Free Bacon Doesn't Exist

Processed meat causes cancer, according to the World Health Organization. But can bacon free of nitrates and nitrites protect you?

A Winter Detox Cleanse That Won't Make You Feel Deprived (I'm not one for detox diets, but some good soup, salad & smoothie recipes)

Don't forget to eat your fruits. // Find more facts & interesting articles about health and cancer on our website. // The Truth About Cancer For all natural products to aid in weightloss and healthy living vist

Clear ur clogged nose..

How to Clear a Blocked Nose Did you know your body has a natural mechanism for…

Retired Pharmacy Chief Said: “The World Needs To Know, Alkaline Water Kills Cancer” — This is How To Prepare It!

Alimentation & régimes hypocaloriques : composer des menus 1000, 1200 calories